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Never Forget to Say Thanks!

Memorial Day – Decoration Day

To all our Veterans and those who serve to keep us free.

Thank you.

Thank you.


It all comes back around.

People helping other people made me realize the depths of kindness that exists in the US. We make a difference everyday with small, simple acts. Volunteers across America feed the hungry, care for the elderly, raise money for new homes, help out with disaster relief, all out of desire to return kindnesses brought to them.

Thousands of dollars have been raised for large and small organizations in change jars in local stores, animals, national charities and local families in need all benefit from the small change collected. Together our change adds up to many dollars of relief. And when we need help, it is always there. The little acts of charity circle around and return tenfold to the giver.

Remember ALL who serve.

Focussing on kindness and charity to others causes the inner critic to see the world from a different perspective. Asking our egos to look out for others is a challenge for most of us. During this holiday weekend, let us remember the folks at home while we recognize the commitment our service men and women are making on our behalf.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  JFK’s words should be remembered this weekend and everyday. We live in the greatest nation with the greatest freedom available. We enjoy our “rights” because there are those who serve our country to ensure those rights are available to all.

"Thy banners make tyrannies tremble, when born by the red, white and blue."

For every person serving in the Armed Forces, there are many “support personnel” located within our borders who sacrifice on our behalf.  Please remember the families, the parents, the sisters, brothers, Aunts and Uncles of our servicemen. Remember the children waiting patiently for their Dad or Mom to be their leader in Scouts or coach their sports team.  We no longer have the draft, we have volunteers who choose their service to country and countrymen. We remember those who sacrificed their lives, remembering their goal was to preserve our freedom and provide freedom for other nations around the world.  Please remember all who serve, both here and abroad, both active and retired, and all the families who support their efforts and pray for their safety.  Memorial Day is a day to honor all our citizens who serve for our greater good and a day for pride in our country.

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