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Garage Sale Giveaways

The anticipation built as closets were cleaned, basements swept clear and the gathering of long lost clutter began last week. Saturday was the town’s annual garage sale. Hundreds of residents hauled out old deck furniture, outgrown old toys, and kitchen items nobody remembers how to use. The curbside tables were loaded with potential. The sale began on Saturday at 9 although the early birds were out before 8, checking the route for later stops. People continued to bring items to their sale tables all morning. By 2 PM, the fervor had quieted and the stragglers picked over the forlorn remainders of the few remaining tables. The sale ended at 3 and clean up began with the first few raindrops of the summer shower.

Brilliantly, our little town had scheduled a Clean Up Day for Monday following the sale. What hadn’t sold for a few dollars was moved to the curb, ready for the next wave of pickers. No longer were the trucks unloading items for sale, now they were cruising the streets of the town searching for their pile of gold. SCRAP. Any and all metal items were loaded into the pickup beds, perched precariously in the back of vans and the search went on.

The searchers were quiet and orderly, cruising through the streets for their treasure. Saturday night the streets were abuzz with the trucks coasting along, making short stops by piles towering over the edge. Sunday saw more hauling from sheds and basements, attics and bedrooms, out to the curb, out for the pickers. Any scrap metal was treasure to pile on the balanced load already selected.

The scrap yard will be busy today along with the town’s workers. No metal was left by the side of the road, even old leaf covered lawnmowers went to the pickers. The piles were smaller, orderly and neat, ready for the dumpster or plastic recycling bin.

Thank you pickers, for helping our town, for cleaning up metal and old metal benches. The garage sale was the prelude to a ballet of balance, items no longer wanted were sold or discarded to be found again by the pickers. True is the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Thanks for the fun.


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