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Giving When You’re Broke

The old adage, you either have time or money, appears to be true for many of us these days. A true comment on our economic times, we seem to give more when we have less money. We give our time, attention, hugs, advice and most definitely our love. Improbable though it seems, we are more charitable when we are closer to needing the charity of others. Although we most often think of charities during the cold winter months, we need to remember there are folks needing your charity everyday.

Giving when you're broke!

During the growing months, plant a row for the food banks. One charity, America’s Grow-A-Row, began like this a few years ago and now produces hundreds of pounds of food for others. All started by one man’s desire to plant a row in his garden to give a way. If you only garden in containers, plant a garden container for an elderly neighbor and give it to your kids to harvest and deliver. The neighbor will get to know your child and both benefit from the harvest.

Giving when we’re broke can be as easy as putting away our road rage and being kind at random moments. Thanking a sales clerk, helping a stranger with their grocery selections or stepping aside to let a rushing shopper through the line ahead of you are all ways to give without spending a dime.

The next time you are searching online, consider Goodsearch- Web Search, like Google, you can search for anything on the web, however, this grants you the ability to donate to your favorite charity or their own charity of the day. Adding up your searches throughout a week and you can help your favorite organization without spending a nickel.

There are so many deserving charities throughout our country. Remember you can give when you’re broke, it only takes your time and kindness.


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3 thoughts on “Giving When You’re Broke

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  2. This is so in synch with something one of my girlfriends and I have been discussing the last month or so, it’s a little eerie to read elsewhere. Apart from being a little eerie, though? It’s a lot wonderful. Thanks for the reminder, which kind of reminder I think folks need often! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, I have never heard of that search engine until today. I can most definitely use it than google now. I am always looking up something. At least I know each search help someone in need. Thanks for sharing!

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